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Losing a loved one is hard, deciding how to commemorate them & if you chose cremation what to do with their ashes can be an even tougher decision to make.  
To make the decision a little bit easier we've found all of the ideas we can of what you can do with ashes after cremation. From the normal to the out of this world, quite literally. 
Ideas of what you can do with the ashes of your loved one after cremation: 
The Bios Urn - Did your loved one love nature? Enjoy pottering about in the garden then this is a fantastic option for their ashes. Not only will you have chossen that they loved doing but it is a fantastic way to have something to remember them by forever. The Bios Urn is a fully biodegradable urn that lets you grow a tree using the remains of your loved one. This tree can then be a place you visit & in future your family & their family too. 
The memory teddy - Can't imagine letting your loved ones ashes go? A classic urn not your thing? 
Why not try the memory teddy, a lovely way to keep your loved one close. This sweet hugable keepsake urn keeps your ashes safe in a specially designed zipped compartment. This teddy doesn't just have to be used for ashes you could also store other keepsakes inside the compartment. 
Turn them into jewellery - You can keep your loved one exceptionally close with this option. Ashes into Glass use a small amount of the cremation ashes, one spoonful infact, to create a beautiful gemstone that can be placed in one of their beautiful rings or pendants. Please note they also do charms, chufflinks & paperweights. This is a firm favourite with lots of people due to the fact not only do they keep their loved ones with them forever but they also get to keep the rest of their ashes too. 
Send them off with a BANG - You can have your loved ones ashes put into fireworks! Yes thats right your loved one can literally go off with a whizz, pop or bang. Whilst this isn't suitable for everyone it may just suit someone who was the life & soul of the party or of course a fireworks enthusiast. We have found both self-fire tribute fireworks & displays. 
Sail away, sail away - Why not send your loved ones ashes off to sea or on a lake with a fantastic Viking burial ship! 
The ship itself is 100% biodegradable & can be used both to set the ashes off to sea or indeed be kept as an ornament. 
Ashes into art - A beautiful option for your loved ones ashes is to have them placed into a piece of art. Just one tea spoon of ashes is required to make a piece of this fantastic art which you can treasure forever. Any unused ashes are returned to you. 
Turn them into a coral reef - Did your loved one like sea life? Or maybe they loved to dive so this option may just be perfect for them. Solace Reef incorporates your loved ones ashes into a artificial reef! 
Not only is this a beautiful way to remember your loved one but its also fantastic way to create a healthy environment for sea life to thrive in. 
Make them into music - Did you loved one adore music? A fan of Vinyl? 
Why not have their ashes pressed into a vinyl record, everytime you play that vinyl you can use it as a time to remember them. 
Scatter them from a Spitfire - If your loved one was a fan of Spitfires or flying then this may be the perfect option for them. 
Their ashes will be scattered from the Spitfire & you can even accompany them on the flight. 
Sky dive - The perfect option for the people who were thrill seekers in life, why not go out being a thrill seeker too. 
Final Flights can scatter them on a jump or you can join the flight & scatter them yourself. Final Flights like to know as much as possible about the person who they will be scattering so they can make the experience unique. 
The final flight will be recorded and this can be your last memory, they offer partial & full scatterings. 
Send them into space - Last but certainly not least. You can now send your loved ones ashes into SPACE! 
Ascension Flights will launch your loved one into space, they have three different packages & two of those include a video of the scattering too. A truly out of this world experience. 



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