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Independent Funeral Services in London 
Price List 
Bespoke Funerals for all of your needs. 
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Professional Fee 

Our professional fee includes our attention throughout the arrangements, including local removal of deceased in office hours, use of chapel of rest, care of the deceased, administration, bearers and funeral directors attendance at the funeral, basic coffin - £1,050.00 

Preparation of your loved one 

Pacemaker removal - £50.00 Please note that if your loved one has a pacemaker it must be removed if you wish to have a cremation. 
Pacemaker removal is included when an embalm is requested.  
Embalming (Invasive temporary preservation) - £155.00  
Dressing and 2 hours in our Chapel of rest is included. 
Please note that this is always required following a post mortem.  
Presentation (Non Invasive treatment) - £80.00 
Dressing of your loved one £50.00 
Extra use of Chapel of rest 2 hour hire - £100.00 


Prices of our traditional coffins available can be found here  
Prices of our Wicker, Bamboo and Seagrass coffins can be found here 
Prices of our cardboard and environmentally friendly coffins can be found here 
Prices of our American Caskets can be found here 
Please note a £150 discount will be applied if the standard coffin provided is upgraded. 

Hearse and Limousines 

Hearse and Chauffeur - Single venue for a one venue Funeral - £305.00 
Double venue for a two venue Funeral - £365.00 
On a Saturday - £400.00 
Sunday or Bank Holiday - £500.00 
(2 hours included additional time calculated at £35.00 per 30 minutes) 
Limousine and Chauffeur - Single venue Funeral - £305.00 
Double venue Funeral - £355.00 
Price of a Limousine on a Saturday, Sunday or Bank Holiday - £355.00 
(2 hours included additional time calculated at £35.00 per 30 minutes) 

Horse Drawn Hearse 

A pair of Black Horses - £950.00 
A pair of White Horses - £1,050.00 
A team of Black Horses - £1,350.00 
A team of White Horses - £1,600.00 

Dove Release 

A single Dove from - £95.00 
A pair of Doves from - £105.00 
Each additional Dove - £10.00 
More information on releasing Doves can be found here 

Out of Hours 

Charges for local removal out of hours, including night time, weekends - £250.00 
Removal on Bank Holidays - £350.00 
Out of hours arrangements - £80.00 per hour 

Extra Arrangements  

Conveying the Coffin to church or house etc, prior to the funeral. (Eg, the day before) 
In hours - £200.00 
Out of Hours - £400.00 
If Staff are required to stay a charge of £50.00 per hour per staff member will be applied. 


Temporary Grave Marker - £80.00 
Temporary Storage of Ashes - £5.00 per week. 
Orders of Service prices can be found here 
Basic Funeral Service and Direct Cremation options can be found here 

Repatriation Fees 

Embalming for Overseas travel - £220.00 
Overseas export coffin - £500.00 
(for transport beyond the UK and Ireland: A basic zinc lined hermetically sealed solid wood coffin is required) 
Time permitting, a hermetically sealed lining can be added to most of our coffins - £330.00 
Please note that Flight and Legal Documentation costs are not included
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